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November 28, 2010

What is Google Docs?


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday this past week.  Today I am blogging about Google Docs.  According to Wikipedia, Google Docs has been around for since 2005, but was made available to the public in 2007.  If you are not using google docs, you are probably curious about all the buzz on this free application.

This application allows you to create ,edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, surveys and drawings.  It works with Microsoft Office products without requiring the user to have the program loaded onto their computer.  You can also upload your own documents to store online. 

The best way to tell you about this application is through videos.  Listed below are a collection of links that will educate you more on how you can use this application.  The 4 links below will show you videos from Youtube.  If you are unable to view these videos from your school.  You can always check them out at home.

1. Google Docs in Plain English (3 minute video) - If blocked, click here.

2. Teachers and Principals talk about Google Docs (4 minute video) - If blocked, click here.

3. Google Docs: A Love Letter (2 minute video) - If blocked, click here.

4. Learn More About Google Docs (step by step video tutorials)

To get started with this application, you can try it for free by visiting: 
To start using Google Docs visit:

Hope you enjoy the videos and tutorials above.  Remember, you want to spend time playing with the different applications that google docs has to offer.  I will see you next week with another topic.  Take care.

November 22, 2010

What Are The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs?


Last week, I discussed the importance of teaching children presentation skills.  This week I am blogging about resources you can use in your own presentations.  These secrets are from one of the greatest innovators of our time Steve Jobs.  In this new book: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs you will learn the following ideas:

1. Create an inspiring story.

2. Answer the one question that matters with your audience.

3. Paint a specific, memorable, and consistent vision of where you are going.

4. Deliver unforgettable moments.

5. Build visually engaging presentations.

6. Master stage presence.

7. Make it look effortless.

8. How to rehearse effectively.

9. Have a great time when presenting.

This is a great book: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience by Carmine Gallo.  For a free preview of this book, you can download a free PowerPoint presentation on a few of these secrets.  Just click on the link or the picture above and it will take you to this valuable resource. 

Wow, another free resource. Here is his newest book.  The Innovative Secrets of Steve Jobs: "7 Insanely Different" Principles for Breakthrough Success by Carmine Gallo.  Just click on the link or the picture above to download this free PowerPoint resource. Hope you enjoy these free resources I have shared.  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  See you next time.

November 15, 2010

Teaching Children Presentation Skills


Today I am blogging about the importance of teaching children presentation skills at an early age. I recently noticed on YouTube and other video hosting web sites, children are featured with great presence and great presentation skills. They are adorable, cute and they know how to smile. They are taught how to speak, communicate and how to have a positive effect on people.  They entertain us, and soon the media finds out about them and turns them into overnight celebrities.

Recently I heard on the news about a five year old cook, who was talking about how to bake chocolate noodles. To hear more details about this story, I have posted a link to the video.  Simply click on the picture of Sophie above or you can click here.  Remember this child is only five years old. So always invest in our children and create memorable experiences for them.

In early January, I will be sharing with you an update on the wireless microphone system thatI have been using this year in the computer lab. I will share with you how the kids react to hearing their voice over our speakers.  I will share with you the impact I am making with the children I teach every day.  See you next week.

November 7, 2010

Creating Your Own Blog


Today I will be sharing with you how to create your own blog.  That's right you can publish your own material.  How many times have you attended a great training and you wanted to share the handouts or resources from the training with other teachers?  Well here is how you can do it.  To get started you can download my free training tutorial: How to Create Your Own Blog - Tutorial.  Simply click on the blue link above and chose save as.  You will want to save it to your desktop. The tutorial will review the following key concepts and ideas:

1. Learn how to create a blog by following the detailed pictures in the tutorial. 

2. Learn how to edit, proofread, add links, pictures and videos to your new blog.

3. Learn free tips, hints, tutorials and great resources to use in the classroom.

4. Includes step by step screen shot pictures of how to create a blog.

Hope you enjoy the free resource and keep me posted on how your blog is going.  See you next week. 

This hand out is being edited, and revised to reflect current changes in blogger and soon will be posted.

November 1, 2010

Power Point Keyboard Shortcuts


Hope you are doing well this week.  Today I will be blogging about Power Point Tips and Hints.  One of the main hints and tips I will be discussing has to do with shortcuts.  Power Point 2003, 2007 and 2010 shortcuts are enabled when you use the Control button, which is located on the bottom right and left side of your keyboard. 

You will see a key that says Ctrl.  You will get many choices when you hold down the the Ctrl button and a letter.  Listed below are a few keyboard shortcuts you can use in Power Point.  Also listed below those commands are keyboard shortcuts used with ALT.  The ALT button is located on each side of your space bar.  Simply click on the picture below to download the shorcuts document.

Hopefully you will try these shortcuts and they will help you out while using Power Point.  If you would like more shortcuts please google the following in quotes "Power Point Keyboard Shortcuts".  See you next week with another exciting topic.