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October 24, 2010

What is a Pocket Projector?


Today I will be sharing with you one of the newest gadgets that is becoming very popular with people. I first heard about this projector last year. I have listed a review on this product that I would like to share with you.

This review was done by M. David Stone, a Lead Analyst for Printers, Scanners & Projectors. To read his review on the 3M Pocket Projector MPro150 visit the following site:,2817,2361254,00.asp?tab=FullReview To find other reviews google the following information with quotes "The 3M Pocket Projector MPro150"

You can also visit 3M Web site which can be found by clicking on the picture below.

I will be planning on getting one of these gadgets soon. Hope this information helps you out. I will talk to you next week about another exciting topic in technology. Take care.

October 17, 2010

Free Quick References for You

Today I will be sharing with you a web site where you can get access to quick references on various software programs for free. Once you download the quick reference guides, you can print the two pages out as a colorful pdf document. You can also glue them back to back and laminate them. You now have a quick reference guide for all the Microsoft Office and Adobe software titles listed above.

All you have to do is go to and click on the Product Tour tab. Look on the right hand side of the screen and fill out the following information below to access the free quick reference guides.
These quick reference guides can assist you in your training needs. Hope you enjoy these free guides. We will see you next week with another exciting topic. Take care.

October 10, 2010

What is Storyline Online?

Storyline online is a great web site that has Hollywood stars read to you. You will find the following stars reading to you: Betty White, James Earl James, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Amanda Bynes, Sean Astin, Al Gore, Esai Morales, Hector Elizondo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander, Haylie Duff, Amber Rose Tamblyn and Camryn Manheim. This web site keeps growing. As of today, they have 23 stories all read by the Hollywood stars above. Storyline online is funded through The Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

The books that are read by the stars have related activity questions, ideas and concepts to help your child learn even more. You can also download activities guide that have the story and ideas in a pdf format. They also have a newsletter you can subscribe to where you can get updated information on their web site. You can also purchase the book for a nominal fee. All stories read, last between 5 – 10 minutes. You and your child will enjoy this free web site to improve your child’s reading skills.

When you decide to let the video play, it will stream the video at speeds of 56K for dial up, small; 150K for broadband, medium; 300K broadband, large and 512K broadband, best quality. When the video plays, you can also choose the option to show the captions. The captions allow you to see the words and sentences being read to you. You can also pause it, rewind, fast forward it to your favorite part of the story.
You will also notice as the person reads it to you via video you will see pictures that zoom in and out from the book. This unique video concept will make it a memorable experience. Try it out today at Hope you enjoy the site. I will see you next week about another exciting topic in technology.

October 3, 2010

What is Scholastic Study Jams?


I Hope you had a great week. Today I will be blogging about Study Jams. Study Jams is a web site that has streaming video and slide shows on math and science concepts/ideas for grades 3 - 5. This web site use to require a monthly subscription. Due to its popularity and use, it is now free.
On the web site you will also find key vocabulary words, songs and assessments. To access the site simply click on the picture above. You will find over 200 topics ranging from the following topics in Math and Science:
Math Categories
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Decimals and Percentages
Data Analysis
Problem Solving

Click here to download a list of over 100 Math Topics
Science Categories

The Human Body
Landforms, Rocks and Minerals
Weather and Climate
Solar System
Force and Motion
Energy, Light and Sound
Scientific Enquiry

Click here to download a list of over 100 Science Topics.
Hope you enjoy this free resource. These resources will help reinforce key concepts and ideas for your students. Your students will enjoy relating to the characters in the short videos. We will see you next week with another topic.