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June 10, 2012

What is TpT?


We hope you are having a fantastic summer.  We are very busy over here.  We are working on passing 1,000,000 views on YouTube.  We are so excited for the accomplishment in about a year.  Soon, we will share the journey we went through to reach this number in record time.  Meanwhile we are getting ready to release more YouTube videos over the next few months.  If you haven't seen our YouTube site, you can check it our at

Ok, we are ready to tell you about this weeks blog topic.  What is TpT?  Tpt is Teachers pay Teachers: An open market place for teachers. This is a great site that teachers have shared with me, in which you can sell your own, lesson plans, unit ideas, reading books, spelling books, math books, science books and other PDF's and documents.  This site is starting to gain popularity online.  If you are a teacher and you have numerous presentations you created, you can now sell them online to others who are looking.

The best thing about this web site is it's free.  When you have an item that sales you get a 60% - 85% commission. How cool is that.  One of their sellers made $28,000 in about 90 days just selling great documents she made.  If you want to join us in this new marketplace, simply click on the picture above.  If you want to see my TpT store simply click here.

If you are a teacher and would like to start you own account on Teachers Pay Teachers and make money sharing your great ideas, simply click here. Ok, we hope you visit our store to check out all the great items we are offering.  We will see you next week with another exciting topic.  Take care.