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February 26, 2012

What Are Dr. Fry's Hi Frequency Vocabulary Sight Words?


We hope you are doing well. Today we will be sharing with you more reading resources. You and your child will enjoy learning, practicing and reviewing Fry's First 100 High Frequency Voc. Sight Words in these fun and colorful tutorials.

Dr. Edward B. Fry researched and published these words in 1996. These words are the most words used in children's books today.  His further research concluded that their are 1000 words that need to be mastered by fifth grade in order for a student to be very successful at reading.   These high frequency vocabulary sight words need to be recognized immediately by readers.

Once your child learns and memorizes these basic vocabulary sight words, they will read more fluently with greater comprehension. The first 100 words should be mastered by First Grade. Once your child has mastered these words, they can start learning, practicing and reviewing more of Fry's high frequency vocabulary sight words.

We have listed the first 100 videos below. They are broken up with 25 words in each video. All the words are in alphabetical order. Once your child knows how to pronounce these words, you can have them practice spelling them. We hope you enjoy them.  We will be sharing more next week.  Take care.