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January 15, 2012

Have You Heard of Digital Flash Cards?


I hope you are doing well.  This week we will be sharing with you digital flash cards.
Digital flash cards are flash cards that children use to test themselves when learning their addition and subtraction facts. 

When you play these new videos, you will notice that the numbers are all color coded, which makes learning fun.  You will also notice that the problem will appear on the screen and give your child 5 seconds to come up with the correct answer.  You also have the option to pause the video in between the problems to allow thinking skills. 

The two videos listed in this blog article are Math Addition - Adding by 2's and Math Subtraction Facts - Subtracting by 16's.  If you want to see more of these videos please visit my site at   We will see you next week with more to share.  Take care!