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November 27, 2011

How Many Do You See? Part 2


We hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. Today we are sharing with you more fun counting videos. We are finding out that The "How Many Do You See" videos are a lot of fun. Your child will enjoy interacting and watching the animals move on the screen as the learn valuable counting skills.

Listed above and below are more popular ones. These videos are becoming popular because the videos have challenging activities for your child to play. Once again, you will here my voice assist in counting many of the animated pictures.

Most of these videos are counting animals from 10 to 20. These videos are fun tutorials that will help your child practice counting. We hope you and your child enjoy all of the videos below.

Stay tuned for next week.  We will be sharing more fun counting tutorials (Part 3), which will review the numbers 20 - 30.  Take care.