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October 16, 2011

Can You Find The Numbers?


We hope you are doing well.  This week we are sharing with you the "Can You Find The Numbers" videos produced a few weeks ago.  The video above reviews the numbers 1 - 5 and has a built in assessment where the viewer must identify the correct number.  I am sure you and your child will enjoy this fun activity.

Listed below part 2 of the "Can You Find The Numbers".  It will review the numbers 6 - 10.  This video also has a built in assessment, where your child can identify the numbers 6 - 10. You and your child can practice learning the numbers 1 - 10 with these two tutorials.  Both videos are for your Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade student. 

Stay tuned to next week.  We will be sharing with you more counting videos.  If you can't wait until next week you can view my YouTube site or my channel by clicking here.  We will see you next week.  Take care.