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September 25, 2011

Learning How to Count Video Tutorials


We hope you are doing well.  This week we are blogging about my new counting video tutorials that we have posted on YouTube.  If you look above, you will see a counting exercise you can review with your child.

Listed below is the Which Group Has More video in which we have grouped different shapes and objects. In the video I review how to count and identify which group has more.  This video is for your Pre-Kindergartener or your Kindergartener.

In the Counting Baby Pink Teddy Bears video watch the balancing baby pink bears balance on a ball while we practice counting to 10.  This video is for your child who is learning how to count to 10.

In the Counting with Happy Faces video watch moving happy smiley faces wink their eye at you while practice counting to 10. This video is also for your child who is learning how to count to 10.

If you were unable to play the four videos above, you can visit my web site at   In the month of October we will be blogging about math tutorials for addition, subtraction, multiplication and more.  We will see you soon.  Take care!