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April 24, 2011

How to Use the Sound Spelling Cards (Grades K – 5)


I hope you had a great Easter Holiday.  Today I will be sharing with you how to use the Open Court Sound Spelling Cards.  When I was a Second grade teacher, we would practice the sound spelling cards two - three times a day.  The purpose of the sound spelling cards includes the following:

* Teaches children how to sound out words to read

* Teaches children how to spell words and to recognize spelling patterns

* Teaches children to recognize words in print

* Teaches children to speech sounds to combine with other words

* Teaches children the relationships between the letters of written language and the individual sounds of spoken language

* Teaches children to read words isolated and in connected text

* Teaches children to correctly remember the sound and meaning in their mind when reading

* Teaches letter sounds and simple patterns to remember through letter introduction

It is very important for the teacher to display the cards and model the use of the sound spelling cards.  Cards can easily be referenced by children in the classroom as a reference.  The children should be able to easily see all the sound spelling cards. 

There is also a sound spelling card chant and song we used when reviewing the cards.  Click here to download it.  When using the chant and song, make sure your children are standing and facing the cards.

Once you have the spelling chant memorized then you can add the actions that make the cards come alive.  To view these movements click here to download it.  I hope you enjoyed these wonderful resources on the Open Court sound spelling cards.  I will see you next week with another exciting topic.

Update August 2011: For those of you who have found my Sound Spelling Cards Blog, I have a YouTube channel with 72 Instructional videos, including 10 blending videos to help you and your students.  To check out the blending videos, simply click here or play the video below.

Here is a training video on the Open Court Reading Sound Spelling Cards.